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Get inside that home you love online without leaving your house

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Virtual tours are some of the best real estate tools of our time. Most buyers fall in love with the online version of their next house first. The next step is to get inside and see the details. But what if you can’t get down here to see the house you love online? The Andreae Group’s got you covered.

Your Town has Its Palm Tree Warmers Up Too, Right?

Friday, December 21st, 2018

By: Adrienne Andreae

The other day I noticed something strange in Hector House Plaza across from the courthouse. All of the palm trees wore leg warmers. Or at least that’s what this child of the 1980s discerned them to be. Boaters might call them Palm coozies. (All boaters love three things: boats, open water, and coozies.) I know boaters who have coozies for their box wine. Why not coozies for palm trees?

I’m sticking with trunk warmers. It’s cold out there for a palm tree. Our mornings have been in the low 50s and while highs hit 65-75, our poor palm trees are like the rest of the full-timers around here: chilly. They need their  trunks covered up.

I guess.

Do Palm Trees Really Need Trunk Warmers?

After investigating further, I noticed it wasn’t only the palms. Decorative yarn blanketed the benches and a bike. Bikes don’t get cold. I don’t care how long they’ve been down here. Like you, I had many questions about what exactly happened in Hector House Plaza? The only thing I understood is that it was impossible to stand there now without smiling.

More Proof that Punta Gorda Should Start All Trends

In the past few years, I’ve seen a hunk of horrible trends hit the internet. Usually these trends involve teenagers ingesting household goods they were told not to touch as toddlers. I, like you, have wondered why human beings can’t come up with better, oddball trends.

Then, I emailed Norma Angus, who the PGI Civic Association lists as the contact for their knitting club. She told me that she is part of a group called In Stitches. What you’re looking at are not trunk warmers or coozies. The whole project is something called Yarn Bombing. And I for one, vote for it as the next trend to hit the nation. Every town should follow In Stitches lead and yarn bomb a plaza, park, or square. It would be the best trend the internet has ever seen. And when they ask, it all started here in Punta Gorda.

If you agree with me, please share this post on your Facebook page.

If you’re interested in all things yarn, you can find out more about In Stitches on the PGI Civic association’s club page by clicking here.

Your Thanksgiving Could Look Like This If You Lived in Punta Gorda

Monday, November 26th, 2018

While much of the north saw record cold this Thanksgiving, we donned shorts for our local Turkey trot. Every year, this 5k draws hundreds of locals out to support Habitat for Humanity. For the Andreaes, it’s a tradition.

True competitors: Luke and his daughter at the start of the Turkey Trot

Afterwards, we each go home, clean up, and meet up again at Grandma’s, aka Nancy or the blonde woman in our logo. This year, some of the grandkids and their daddy went kayaking. It would never occur to any of us to be stuck inside on Thanksgiving.

What kid doesn’t love a Thanksgiving Day kayak at Grandma’s?

Like most Floridians, we set up a buffet on the lanai and ate outside. Why not? It was a beautiful day.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I went downtown for Small Business Saturday. Again, it was 70 degrees, so why not?

How was your Thanksgiving? If you spent it stuck inside or had to throw three layers on to go shovel your way out, you don’t have to live that way. Come to Punta Gorda where Thanksgiving weekend is an outdoor event!

The Andreae Group’s Fall Open House Happens this Weekend

Monday, October 15th, 2018

This weekend the Andreae Group is hosting three open houses. Whether you’re getting a feel for the market or have been looking for weeks, you won’t want to miss any of them. Scroll down for more about each home.

1241 Canvasback–Located in the bird section of PGI, this 3/2 beautiful home was built in 2000 and has an extra work/craft room for the hobbyist you or the hobbyist in your life. Stop by and say hello between 12 and 3 on Saturday.

1241 Canvasback Ct. in PGI

1918 Los Alamos–Enjoy your 104 feet of waterfront from your living room when you open the zero corner doors. (If you’ve never experienced zero corner sliders, you need to this Saturday.) This home boasts over 2800 sq feet under air with three bedrooms and an office. 

1918 Los Alamos Drive in PGI

2059 Padre Island #4–Looking for a brand, new finished condo in PGI? This is it. Literally. There are only three completed condos  finished in 2018 on the market. They are all in this complex. Stop by and we’ll let you see them all.

2059 Padre Island #4 in PGI

Questions? Please call the Andreae Group office at 941-833-4217 or email us at

How to Achieve Your Sailboat Dreams with One Low-Priced Home

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Forget driving. You want to sail.

But to get to your sailboat you must drive. That’s no fun.

You’d like to look at your sailboat from your kitchen. But sailboat access homes are out of your price range.

Maybe. Or maybe you’re not looking in the right area. For instance, did you know in the O’Hara area of Port Charlotte you can buy a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house for $198,000?

Even if you don’t have a sailboat yet, there’s something beautiful about having sailboat potential.canalview

And if you like that waterfront view, you should know you can see the water from your kitchen.



kitchen view
Or see the boats go by from your living room…

living room

And of course, there’s a patio…


Want to see more? Take a virtual tour. Want to know more? Call our office: 941-833-4217

14 Reasons to Love Punta Gorda’s Harborwalk

Monday, March 9th, 2015


Let me introduce you to one of my favorite places in Punta Gorda: the Harborwalk. If you’ve never been, it’s a 2+ mile trail that takes you along the Harbor and into town.

It’s an amazing trail. I know. I’m an avid runner who likes to take my running shoes on vacation. I’ve run a relay race through the beautiful mountains of Oregon, laced up to run along Lake Baikal in Siberia, and even trekked along the Italian coast.

And you know what? Punta Gorda’s Harborwalk beats them all. While many places have good walking and running trails, few have trails with so much to offer along the same route. The Harborwalk has everything.

1. We’ll start with the obvious. The view is amazing.

While you’re gawking over the view, try to imagine the salty smell of sea air. I wish I could send you the sea breeze straight through your computer. You’d never want anything else again.

2015-03-08 08.10.38

2. No cars allowed. You can bike, run, or walk without worrying about traffic.

Want to tour Charlotte Harbor by bike, but don’t have one? You can borrow one with Team Punta Gorda’s free bike loaner program.
no motored vehicles

3. You’ll never worry about having a flat. There’s a fixing station.

(If you don’t know how to fix one, ask around. Harborwalkers tend to be very friendly.)2015-03-01 07.45.17

4. Thirsty? Stop and have a drink at the Tiki bar.

Very few trails, if any others, have Tiki bars. Which is a shame, because I often think while running, “I’d rather be at a Tiki bar, right now.”

2015-02-25 18.32.33
5. If boat drinks don’t fill your belly, hop into Hurricane Charley’s for a meal.


6. You can get a full workout in at the FREE adult fitness zone.

adult fitness

7. You’re little friends can expel some of that never-ending kid energy on the playground.

2015-03-09 11.09.52
8. Adults can play too. There’s basketball and tennis.

9. And of course, pickleball.

(What’s a walk without a pickleball game overlooking the Harbor?)

10. A quick detour and you’re shopping at Fishermen’s Village!

11. You might make a new friend.

2015-03-09 11.56.17
12. Or stop for a dog.

hot dog day


13. Even when the route takes you away from the harbor, it’s still gorgeous.

This is where a lot of trails fail. They suck you in with a small section of beauty. Not our Harborwalk, it starts pretty and stays that way.

tree lined

14. You might see a dolphin, but you won’t see any snow.

ALL of these pictures were taken in February and March 2015. That’s right. While my northern friends were using words like, Snowpocalypse and Snowmeggedon, I was running along the trail in short sleeves!



Want more information on beautiful Punta Gorda? Follow us on Facebook for updates.

6 Big Things to Do in Punta Gorda this January

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015


You might think I’m crazy. After all, we’re tw2015-CareBall-Inviteo weeks into January. Punta Gorda is a small town. Are there really six big things left to do this month?

Yes, there are.

In fact, so much goes on in Punta Gorda every week, that I had to cull through numerous golf events, fitness opportunities, and live shows (including an Elvis impersonator) to keep this post from turning into a short book.

Here’s the big list to get you through the end of the month:

  1. Gallery Walk: Thursday, January 15, 2015 If you haven’t been to a gallery walk yet, stop putting it off. It’s a great way to get to know our downtown businesses. Shops stay open late and many offer demonstrations. You’ll experience live music and the friendly atmosphere Punta Gorda is known for. Hours: 5:00 pm-8:00 pm.
  2. 18th Annual Sullivan Street Crafts Fair: Saturday, January 17-Sunday, January 18 For 18 years, artisans have set up their wares at the Sullivan Street Craft Fair. You can find great gifts, jewelry, and items for your home. It’s an outdoor festival. (We can do that here in January!) Admission is free. Hours: 10:00 am-500 pm.
  3. Punta Gorda Home and Garden Show: Saturday, January 17-Sunday, January 18 Get ideas and tips for everything from your roof to your lanai. Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm Where: Charlotte Harbor Events Center Free and open to Public
  4. The C.A.R.E. Ball: January 24 This year’s theme is the Road to Morocco. Take this chance to dance in your best Moroccan garb. (Moroccan attire not required, but encouraged.) Even better is all the proceeds from this fun event benefit The Center for Rape and Emergencies of Charlotte County. R.S.V.P. by January 16 at 941-639-5499.
  5. 7th Annual Hands Across the Harbor: Saturday, January 31, 2015 Get ready for the Chili and Beer Fest (see below) with a jaunt across the harbor. Choose from a 5k walk, 8k run, 8k longboard race, or 10 or 20 mile bike ride. (Doesn’t every small town have a longboard race?) Pre-registration is available now ($25 per person; $20 per student). Day-of registration ($30 per person; $25 per student) begins at 6:45 am. Start times are: Yoga stretch–7:30; Bike ride—7:55; Longboard race—8:00 am; Run—8:12 am, Walk—8:15 am.
  6. 4th Annual Charlotte Harbor Chili Challenge and Beer Festival Fest: Saturday, January 31 Test your neighbor’s chili-making skills, enjoy live music, and have a beer. 25 teams will compete for best chili. You vote for the People’s Choice Award. Wash it down at the beer tent where over 15 micro-breweries will be showing off their suds. Where: Laishley Park Admission: $3 Children under 12 are free. Starts at 12:00 pm. Ends with the award ceremony at 5:00 pm.

I hope this list leads you to enjoy the rest of your January! To keep up with more local events, Like our Facebook page now.


How Much More Does the Andreae Group Sell in Burnt Store Isles? (The Numbers Might Surprise You)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

by Punta Gorda pride

The 2014 sales numbers are in! It may come as no surprise that the Andreae Group has maintained the number one spot in Punta Gorda real estate sales again this year.  (We’ve held the top spot for almost 30 years.)

But have you ever wondered how much more does the Andreae Group really sell? Are we eking by to stay at number one? Well, no.

It’s easy for us to tell you we’re the best. It’s much more work to achieve the numbers to back it up. To give you an example of the difference between the Andreae Group and the rest, let’s look at just one segment of Punta Gorda real estate–Burnt Store Isles listings. Here are some things you should know about 2014 home sales in Burnt Store Isles:

  • 54 houses were sold in BSI last year. Luke Andreae was the listing agent on 17 of those homes. No other realtor had more than 3 listings sold in BSI last year.
  • The total value of BSI homes sold last year was just over $20 million.
  • Luke Andreae listings’ sales accounted for $6 million of that $20 million.
  • 31 realtors split the rest. No other realtor can claim even $2 million in BSI sales.

Why do so many people list with Luke?

Few people know Burnt Store Isles as well as he does. The Andreae family moved to BSI in 1981 when there were only five homes in the neighborhood. (His grandparents occupied one of the other four.)  In the 1980s, vacant lots stretched across entire streets, like the now-populated Licata Ct., where Luke learned to ride his bike and first discovered a cul-de-sac makes an excellent stick ball field.

By the mid-1980s, Nancy Andreae was a top realtor in town. As homes went up, Nancy would frequently load the kids in the car to tour each home’s progress.

If you live in a BSI home that was built in the 1980s, it’s likely little Luke Andreae watched your walls go up.

Luke is still a BSI resident. He still plays stick ball around the cul-de-sacs with his two daughters. (I hear the girls even let him win sometimes.)

Of course, much of the listings come from referrals. When you know an area so well, the people know you too. You can read what people say about working with Luke on his Zillow reviews page.

Have you ever worked with the Andreae Group? Do these numbers surprise you? Let us know about your experience over on our Facebook page.

Go Egg Hunting all over Charotte County!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

egg_colorful_easter_eggs_213884It’s egg hunting season. Well, this weekend is egg hunting weekend. Before the Easter bunny heads to your homes on Saturday night, he warms up his hiding skills on Friday night. This year the Easter bunny will be busy setting up for Saturday egg hunts all over Charlotte County.

Fun Run/Hop Easter Egg Hunt for Cottontails

Saturday, April 19, 2014 Start your day at the Foot Landing’s Easter egg hunt at Gilchrist park. Of course, Punta Gorda’s downtown running store is doing more than hiding eggs. This hunt includes a one-mile fun run/hop around Gilchrist and the Harbor Trail. Kids can fill their baskets with treats and surprises along the route. Bring your Easter baskets. If you don’t have one, the store will provide brown paper bags.

FREE registration begins at 7:30 a.m. at the gazebo in Gilchrist Park.

The run/walk starts at 8:00 a.m.

Punta Gorda Historical Society Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 19, 2014 After you’ve hunted down all the goodies down at Gilchrist, head over to Punta Gorda History Park at 501 Shreve Street. The Historical Society will host their own hunt for children between the ages of 1 and 10. Even though this is the Easter Bunny’s busiest weekend of the year, he has decided he can’t miss this hunt, and will be there to shake hands and take pictures.

The hunt is on at 10:00 a.m.

Please bring an Easter basket. Entrance is FREE.

Spring Spectacular

April 19th and 20th Your kids can hunt for over 30,000 eggs at the Charlotte Fairgrounds in Port Charlotte. The Spring Spectacular’s hunt is so large they divide the kids up by age group, which makes it easier on the littlest ones.

1yr old 10:15

2 yr old 11am

3 yr old 11:45am

4 yr old 12:30pm

5 yr old 1:15pm

6 yr old 2pm

7 yr old 2:45pm

8 yr old 3:30 pm

9/10 yr olds 4:15pm

You and the family can enjoy carnival games, over 15 rides, art and crafts, face painting and more.

The festival starts at 10:00 a.m. and stays open until 5:00 p.m

Admission is $5 for adults, $1 for children, and $3 for seniors. Parking is free.

For the Pets

Saturday, April 19, 2014 If your kids have four legs, that’s ok. We understand.  From 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Salty Paws in Fishermen’s Village. will host its 5th annual Easter Bone Hunt in the Center Court.

Pre-registration is required. Call 941-575-7599 for more information.





Take a Video Tour of Punta Gorda!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

All you know is you are done. You’re done with the scraping, the shoveling, and the trudging through snow. You can’t spend another springtime hoping the cold will end.

Next year, you will spend your winters on your boat.  You will laugh with glee as you watch the weather. The only ice you’ll see will chill your margarita.

Now that you’ve decided to finally start your search, you find the internet can give you all the facts you need about Punta Gorda. You can read about our minuscule crime rate, our near perfect weather, and the endless things to do here.

However, it might be difficult to get a feel for what Punta Gorda is really like. When every subdivision that grabs your interest has boating, golf, and tennis right outside your door, how do you know where to start?

Well, we feel for you. Punta Gorda has some amazing places to live. Although nothing compares to actually visiting and letting our buyer’s agents give you the tour, we made this video to get you started. The video takes you through the major subdivisions, explains the waterways, and shows off some of the many activities around town. We hope it answers your questions about our favorite city.

One more thing to consider: As you drool over the water views and gorgeous landscapes, remind yourself that we shot this video in February 2014.

Want your winter 2015 to look like the video? Now is the time to put away those long  johns, heavy coats, and mittens forever. Come down and let us show you around.