Punta Gorda Real Estate Market Update: An In-Depth Look at Inventory Levels

by Luke Andreae

The past 18 months has seen a significant increase in the number of real estate transactions within the

PGI/BSI subdivisions. In a nutshell – the buyers are back. The increased demand has put pressure on inventory levels. Even as sellers continue to decide to sell their homes for a myriad of reasons, the inventory of Homes For Sale has continued to drop. Below are cumulative totals of existing homes for sale.

PGI/BSI Total # of Homes For Sale:

December 2004 – 69

Buyers are back. It's easy to see why they're coming to Punta Gorda.

Buyers are back. It’s easy to see why they’re coming to Punta Gorda.

December 2005 – 303

December 2006 – 339

December 2007 – 324

December 2008 – 282

December 2009 – 231

December 2010 – 275

December 2011 – 285

December 2012 – 225

December 2013 – 237

December 2014 – 185

October 2015 – 123


“Season” usually starts in late October / early November. Inventory of homes for sale going into this season will be the lowest since 2004.

For a look at all the Homes For Sale on a map, check out our Maps page.


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