Have You Noticed an Increase in Lederhosen Around Punta Gorda Lately?

by rotate3

Yes, it’s Oktoberfest.

And of course, Punta Gorda celebrates it.

Yet, this year seems a little heavy on the hosen.

For the past six years, Punta Gorda celebrated Oktoberfest on the first Friday of the month. We’d get together to eat bratwurst, dance to oompah music, and enjoy icy beverages. One Oktoberfest evening might’ve seemed like enough.

But it wasn’t.

Last weekend, we started celebrating our Oktoberfest a little early with the Bavarian Bash.

Why two weekends of Oktoberfest?

Punta Gorda is not a particularly German city. While we certainly have many German residents and residents of German descent, we have folks from all over the world.

As a lover of a good brat and sauerkraut, I’d like to say we simply have good taste in food. And while that’s true, I think there’s something more to it.

If you’ve lived here more than a year, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve noticed a trend. For you newbies, see if you can spot the pattern in the series.

The following is a snippet of the annual events around Punta Gorda:

October— Oktoberfest and the halloween festival, which includes three days of outdoor celebrations.

November—Tree lighting festival. Everybody gets together and celebrates in the streets.

December—Two lighted boat parades. Everybody gets together and celebrates on the canals.

January—The Crafts Fair and the Chili and Beer fest. Everybody gets together and does some outdoor shopping and celebrating.

February– The Jazz Festival. Some of the most influential jazz musicians of our day play and  the locals sit outside and celebrate.

March—St. Patrick’s day festival. Everybody gets together and celebrates outdoors.

April–The Block Party. Everybody gets together and celebrates outdoors.

June–Pirate Fest. Everybody gets together and celebrates outdoors.

July—Independence day festival. All day and evening celebrations, including award-winning fireworks.

Do you see the pattern?
As a people, Punta Gordians can’t go more than a few weeks without a big, outdoor celebration. We used to be able to make it to the first Friday in October, but that was just nuts. Go two months without a town party?  No, thank you. I’d rather watch grown men dance in lederhosen.

So, last weekend Punta Gorda started it’s 11-month festival season off with the Bavarian Bash. There was food, drink, live music, and, of course, outdoor celebrating.

If you missed it, don’t worry. This weekend is Oktoberfest. There will be food, drink, live music, and outdoor celebrating.

We’re officially in full festival season.

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