Spending the July 4th Weekend in Punta Gorda Beats Watching the World Cup

by fireworks

What could be more fun than watching pro athletes kick the ball around as millions of devoted fans cheer?

That’s easy–spending your July 4th weekend out and about in Punta Gorda.

Yes, that’s a pretty gutsy claim. People all over the world love the World Cup, but that’s because they don’t know how Punta Gorda does holidays.

Let’s compare.

Two sports beats one. Even FIFA has to admit, two sports is better than one. And while the World Cup presents one sport over and over again, day after day, the fourth in Punta Gorda offers two sports for you to participate in.

First, on the fourth there is the swim across the harbor. About 500 people will grab inner tubes, kayaks, noodles and swim across the harbor.

If you’re not too sore after the swim, the Peace River Riders offers a cycling-filled weekend. Saturday night is their annual pub ride. Get warmed up for Sunday’s Wheels and Wings by cycling 3.5 miles around Punta Gorda and hit a few pubs along the way.

On Sunday, join the Riders for Wheels and Wings. The Andreae Group is proud sponsors of this ride. Proceeds from this year’s ride go to Punta Gorda Police Department’s Do the Right Thing program and the Punta Gorda Fire Department’s bike medic program.

Feed your rebellious side. World Cup fans are known for getting rowdy, but you can best them right here in PG. One of the draws to Wheels and Wings is Speed Trap Alley set up by the Punta Gorda police department. Cyclists who go over the speed limit will be issued a warning ticket. It’s probably the only warning ticket you’ll ever want to frame—certainly big bragging rights!

You don’t have to wait 90 minutes for something to happen. I know soccer is exciting. Everybody tells me. But two goals in 90 minutes? Why bother when there is activity all weekend in Punta Gorda. You can start at the swim on the fourth. Get out of the water, stop at Harpoon Harry’s for a recovery Bloody Mary, and head downtown for the festival.

11:00 am—Opening—Waterslides and rides open

12:00 pm—Live Music

2:00 pm—Moccasin Wallow

3:30 pm—Gator Nate and the Gladezmen

6:00 pm—The Boogiemen Rock-n-Soul Revue

9:00 pm—Fireworks

9:25 pm—The Jack-Michael Band

How will you be spending this July 4th weekend? Hope to see you in Punta Gorda!




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