Presenting the Most Popular Member of the Andreae Group: Our Free Moving Truck

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Few things are as big and exciting as moving into a new home.

Suddenly, you have reasons to shop, new neighbors to socialize with, and a fresh view on life.

However, there are some logistical elements to moving that aren’t as fun as your new lanai. One big one is renting a moving truck. When you’re moving across the country, you might hire movers. Heck, you might hire movers for your local move.

Yet local moves are different. It seems there is always a few things in the garage you want to move later. Or the couch a friend is  taking before you move. Or the grill you need to pick up from home depot for the housewarming party.  Local moves can be a hassle.

But not for our customers. When we see a challenge for our customers, we meet it head on. Hence the truck moved into the Andreae family about 15 years ago. Now, our customers need a truck and they’ve got it.

Punta Gorda Charities Love The Truck Too

The truck does more than move our customers around town. It is available to local non-profits, and they use it. Recently, the Peace River Riders used it for their Annual Wheels and Wings ride. It’s been used by the American Cancer Society, the Charlotte Chorale, and more.

Frankly, if you run a non-profit in Charlotte County, you’ve probably driven the truck or know your chance is coming. And we look forward to handing you the keys.

Benefits of using the Andreae Group’s truck:

  1. It’s free to our customers and charities.
  2. It’s much more stylish than your average U-Haul. You can look cool while you move.
  3. It’s a conversation starter. Over the past 15 years, countless customers and non-profits have used the truck to move. Chances are our truck has moved one of your neighbors.

How to book:

  1. Buy or sell a home with the Andreae Group.
  2. OR start a charity.
  3. Need a local move.
  4. Claim your date. Call our office to reserve the truck. (941) 833-4217.
  5. Bring  a copy of your license and insurance by the office.

Have you used the Andreae Group truck? Was it for your own move or for charity use? Let us know on Facebook your truck experience.



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