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Debunking the Biggest Myth about Punta Gorda Summers

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

I’ve heard it all my life.PGI

It’s a rumor really. Conjecture.

A false believe that ends today. Here. Right now on this blog.

I don’t even want to say it, but I will. Some people believe Punta Gorda summers are too hot. They believe summer Punta Gorda is uncomfortable.

But they’re wrong.

I can prove it. To debunk the myth we first need to understand the myth. If you do some research you will find,  the high temps in July average at 92 degrees. 92 does sound hot.

Boston has an average high of 82 degrees in July. Wow! That sounds better than 92 degrees, right?


A 92 degree day in Punta Gorda is just as comfortable as an 82 degree day in Boston. (I could’ve chosen any northern city. Minneapolis has an average high of 84 degrees, but I don’t even need to close the spread.)

Here’s why summer is summer where ever you go:

Our bodies acclimate to heat.

If you’re here in the summer, it’s likely you were here in the winter. In January, the average high was 75 degrees. That gives us a 17 degree increase to adjust to over seven months.

Boston has an average high of 45 degrees in March. That’s a 37 degree difference in five months. This might not sound very scientific to you. However, when you spend your life throwing a sweater on when the thermostat hits 68 degrees, you don’t need science to prove this point.

Punta Gorda homes are built to keep you cool.

Boston is made of brick. The heat eminates off of it. You feel it when you walk down the street. And there are few lanais or big sliding glass doors or quality central air conditioners.

Yet in Punta Gorda everything is built for the heat. Not only do we have lanais, but usually they have quite a bit of shade. You won’t find a home without central air, ceiling fans, and lots of windows. We build our homes to keep you cool, because we have nine months of spring and three of summer.

We’ve got the water.

Yes, Boston and many northern cities are near water. But I’m not talking about the Gulf breeze, although that is a good point. Summer is our rainy season. Every evening it rains for 10-45 minutes. After the rain the temperature drops. Often those 90 degree temps only last for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I call this dip-in-the-pool time.

But I’m spoiled. I grew up here.







What to Do in Punta Gorda this Memorial Day 2014

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

race-courseWe love to tell you what’s going on in Punta Gorda. If there is a holiday or big event going on around town, you can count on this blog to fill you in. After all, we are as eager as you are to enjoy our favorite city. And today I’m excited to tell you what is going on around Charlotte County this Memorial Day.

But first, let’s remember why we have the day off.

Depending on who is counting, somewhere between 850,000 and 1,250,000 people have died in battle for our country, which is roughly the populations of Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, combined.

As you go out and enjoy your day, please remember them.

Here’s what we recommend this Memorial Day:

Deep Creek Community Church Veterans 5k/10k Run

The Andreae Group is a proud sponsor of this run. Proceeds go to homeless veterans in Charlotte County. The run is sold out, but you can still participate in the 1 mile Honor Walk.

Start time: 10k/5k at 7:30 a.m.; 1 mile Honor Walk begins at 9:00 a.m.

Where: Fisherman’s Village

Military Heritage Museum

After the honor walk, stick around Fishermen’s Village. In the center court, the Military Heritage Museum will present “The Future of the Nation—the Legacies Live On.” The Charlotte High School Symphonic Band will welcome the crowd with patriotic music from 11:00-11:45 a.m. At 12:00 p.m., the Memorial Day Ceremony begins. Marcella Brown will perform the National Anthem. The program includes the U.S. Paratroopers’ Honor Guard, a gun salute by the Punta Gorda Police Department, and bagpipes by Patrick Nehs.

The Museum suggests you bring a chair. Entrance is free.

Veteran Motor Car Club of America

In the Fishermen’s village parking lot, the Veteran Motor Car Club of America will have car show from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

What are you doing this Memorial Day? Will we see at the Veterans run?


Southwest Florida Fishing (Part Two): Catching Cobia

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Every month the Punta Gorda Fishing Club holds a Fish of the Month contest for you competitive anglers out there. This month’s featured species is Cobia. We’re featuring it on the blog today in hopes that one of our readers will get out there and win! (Read the contest rules here.)


Cobia grow to a maximum length of about 2 meters (78 in). A typical cobia weighs 20 to 50 pounds, but they have been known to get up to 80 pounds. The fish has a flat head, small eyes, and an under bite. Its streamlined body is dark brown or gray with a white belly. Two horizontal bands flank the belly and are more pronounced during spawning.


1 per day or 6 per vessel whichever is less.

Minimum length 33 inches

Where you can find Cobia

Cobia swim past Punta Gorda as they migrate north in the spring. You can find them in shallow inshore waters, around navigation markers, and in grassy flats.

How to Catch

An unsuspecting cobia will bite at anything, but live baitfish—pinfish, mullet, etc—work best.

You may need a 30-pound-test line or heavier, as cobia like to play around buoys and other structures that can destroy your line. Although, once you get a clear shot at them you really only need a 10-pound line. Even the largest cobia can usually be brought up with spinning, bait casting, and fly tackle.

Be extra careful once you bring the fish aboard your boat. They don’t go lightly and can cause damage to the inside of your boat.

Eating your Fish

Cobia has a firm, white fleshy taste. It reminds some of a lighter swordfish. As with most fish, you want to bleed them immediately and cover them with ice. You can freeze this fish, but only if you take care of it from the line to the freezer. Don’t wait to get it on ice.

Cooking cobia is easy, since it is widely considered an excellent tasting fish. Most people grill it, but I’ve also seen it pan seared and even poached with a light butter.

Good luck on the fishing and the eating! If you win the Punta Gorda Fishing Club’s contest, please let us know. We’d love to congratulate you on our Facebook page!


5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Punta Gorda Moms

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
Nancy meeting Disney royalty with one of her granddaughters.

Nancy meeting Disney royalty with one of her granddaughters.

Haven’t bought your Mother’s Day gift yet? Don’t fret. The Andreae Group is here to help.  We’ve put together a list of ideas that will make it seem like you put a lot of thought into exactly what she wants.

Yoga classes at the Yoga Sanctuary

Nothing is more important than mom’s health. The Yoga Sanctuary offers classes for all levels of yoga practitioners. Even if she has never taken a yoga class, she can start in one of their level one, chair yoga or gentle yoga classes. Teachers encourage students to work at their own comfort level. Each class ends with a few moments of relaxation. Mom will never feel better!

Gift certificates are available.

Boat cruise with King Fisher Fleets

All moms love it when the whole family gets together. You can make those get-togethers even better by having them on a boat. With King Fisher Fleets, you can head over to Cabbage Key, Cayo Costa, Boca Grande, or stay local and take a sunset cruise. Combining family time and boat time makes everyone happy.

Naples Soap Company

Fisherman’s Village is full of gift shops. But you need to be careful. Your mom probably doesn’t want a T-Shirt that reads, Wasted Away in Margaritaville. Head to the Naples Soap Company for easy, surefire mom gifts. Not only are their soaps luxurious, but most contain only natural ingredients.

Spago Day Spa        

Your mom deserves a day at the spa. Give her a gift certificate and let her pick her pampering. From hair to nails to massages, the Spago Day Spa knows how to take care of mom. She’ll go in as your dear sweet mother and come out a new woman!

Trip to an Amusement Park with the Grandkids

If small people often refer to her as Grandma or Nana, your mom still loves you. Yet there is a good chance she loves the grandkids more. It’s a hard truth you can use to your advantage in Florida. Our state teems with amusement parks. In fact, last Christmas, Nancy Andreae’s youngest child gave her a trip to Disney with the grandkids. (I stole this idea.) She loved it.

What are you getting mom? Have any good ideas for the rest of us this year?