5 Resources to Help You Decide if the Punta Gorda Lifestyle is Right for You

It is clear that the Andreae group loves the Punta Gorda lifestyle.cover

And we love to show it off.

However, it is always nice to hear different perspectives, especially if you are thinking of moving to a new town. This week I put together a list of ways you can get a variety of viewpoints on Punta Gorda. I hope these resources help you dream big when you think of Punta Gorda.

  1. The January/February issue of Where to Retire: Punta Gorda garnishes the cover of the current issue. The story inspired this post. It tells the story of several people who moved here looking to fulfill their dreams of the good life.While we are proud when Punta Gorda consistently shows up on the “Best Places to…” lists, those lists don’t always paint a clear picture of why Punta Gorda wins repeatedly. Hop on over and read the article to envision yourself living in paradise.
  2. EverythingPuntaGorda.com: The Everything Punta Gorda blog lives up to its name. This blog gives you a quick look at events, local restaurants, hotels, and small businesses in Punta Gorda. If you can’t decide where to eat or what to do with your Saturday, EverythingPuntaGorda.com offers excellent suggestions.
  3. YouBelonginPuntaGorda.com: While Everything Punta Gorda gives you fact-based snippets, You Belong in Punta Gorda offers reviews, editorials and blogs posts about our town. Posts feature photos and sometimes video of our beautiful town and its residents.
  4. NanettesNewLife: Nanette Crist is one of the women featured in the Where to Retire cover story. Crist moved to Punta Gorda from New York and reports on the local theater and arts scene.

    In the Where to Retire article, she says, “I’m not an artist, I’m not a teacher, I’m not a boater and I am not a writer. But somehow now I do all of this.” Her blog gives you a personalized view of who you could be in Punta Gorda.

  5. Sail Eagle’s Wing: If your Punta Gorda dreams include boating, you will want to check out this blog based on life aboard a Catalina 350 sailboat moored in PGI. The owners write about their adventures boating all around Florida and to the Bahamas. The blog is a snapshot of local boating life.

    Of course, the Andreae group blog will continue to report on real estate, events, and local business. You can also check out our Facebook page for more local news.

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