Punta Gorda Biking: Getting Around Town on Two Wheels has Never Been Safer

signsPunta Gorda Pathways

Interested in seeing Punta Gorda from a different angle? Want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get in some exercise?

Thanks to the Punta Gorda Pathway system, it has never been easier to hop on a bike and take a ‘ring around the city.’

Back in 2005, Punta Gorda city leaders set out to make our town the most pedestrian and bicycle friendly town in Florida. They planned to build a “ring around the city” for non-motorized traffic to travel around Punta Gorda safely.

The “ring”, a.k.a Punta Gorda Pathways, is now comprised of trails which link every corner of Punta Gorda from Washington loop down to Tuckers Grade back up to Bal Harbor and across the Peace River bridge.

All over town you see bike friendly signs popping up. Even the League of American Bicyclists has taken notice. In 2009, the League gave Punta Gorda honorable mention as a bike friendly community.

Print your Punta Gorda Pathways map here.

Bike share Program

Don’t own a bike? Don’t worry. You can borrow one. Team Punta Gorda and the city have teamed up to ensure anyone who would like to pedal around town can.

As we have mentioned, Punta Gorda is always winning something. In 2010, the Florida Bicycle Association named Punta Gorda the “Bike Friendly Community of the Year”. The honor was due largely to the active bike share program.

The bike share program is free. You simply need a credit card, an ID, and a helmet. You can pick up a bike at the following locations:

  • Fishermen’s village
  • Four Points Sheraton
  • Laishley Marina
  • Charlotte Regional Medical-Wellness Center
  • Isles Yacht Club

You must return your bike 30 minutes prior to your location’s closing time or sunset.

Peace River Riders

If you are ready to bike to the next level of fitness or want to meet some new people, the Peace River Riders can help you with both. The Peace River Riders welcome cyclists of all abilities to join them on rides around Charlotte County. In July, the Riders host the popular Wheels and Wings ride complete with a speed trap for those who want to test their car chasing abilities.

The Riders encourage adherence to bike laws and general safe practices. If you have ever wondered where you should be riding or how to maneuver in traffic, come out for a ride. The more experienced cyclists are eager to help you.

You will find a list of Florida rides on their website. A calendar of this month’s rides is located here.


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