Punta Gorda’s Beauty Shines through in Our Community Pride

Recently, Punta Gorda was a finalist in the Rand McNally Best of the Road most beautiful small city contest. The Charlotte Harbor and Gulf Islands Visitor and Convention Bureau posted this video detailing how beautiful Punta Gorda really is.

I love this video. If you have been to Punta Gorda, you have seen the beauty in our waterways, palm trees, and historic buildings. What this video really exemplifies is how eager Punta Gorda residents are to show off that beauty.

There is a lot of town pride in Punta Gorda.

You don’t see pride in community everywhere you go. It sets Punta Gorda apart. While it might be the stunning waterfront views and sunny days that brings you to Punta Gorda, it will be the welcoming attitude here that makes this town home.

Punta Gorda is set up for community. Small towns often have the reputation for being hesitant towards new residents. Nothing could be farther from the truth in Punta Gorda. Everyone who comes here has a chance to jump right in. Perhaps it is because most of our residents arrived here from some snowy land looking for a more peaceful, easier life. And they found it here.

Whether you play golf, tennis, take art lessons, volunteer for the community, boat, or get involved in another way, you will easily assimilate right into the Punta Gorda life. Everyone welcomes you. We are proud of that. Punta Gorda’s beauty is all around us, but it shines brightest in our community spirit.

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