Top 3 Websites for Irresistible Home Decorating Ideas

From the Andreae Group Virtual Tour for 1443 Surfbird Ct.

From the Andreae Group Virtual Tour for 1443 Surfbird Ct.

Having a second home in Punta Gorda eliminates your shoveling and scraping obligations  for the winter, but it doubles your decorating duties.

Whether you love to decorate or simply love living in a beautiful home, you can find a wealth of tips on the internet. The trouble is with so much information out there, you can get lost in websites that aren’t really going to help you with your Florida home. Here are our favorite websites to help you find and keep up with what’s new in home decor.

While you are in the beginning idea stages, Pinterest can be a big help. To use Pinterest, you must create an account. Then, do a search for words that describe your project. You can be as general or specific as you need to be. You might start with a search  for ‘Kitchen decorating’. As your project moves along, you can switch to detailed terms, such as ‘kitchen faucets’. Pinterest allows you to create boards to help you organize your ideas. Create ‘boards’ for every room of your house. Then, pin the best ideas to the correlating board.

Pinterest Pros:

  • An infinite number of ideas. There are an estimated 70 million users on Pinterest. You will never be short on search results.
  • Simple search procedures. The site understands hashtags and other search tricks, but you don’t need to use them to get the results you want. Therefore, you can get the answers you want without learning a bunch of internet speak.
  • Easy to organize. The Pinterest boards make it simple for you to save the posts you like and forget the ones you don’t. This is a vital tool for you second homeowners who are trying to keep track of two homes worth of ideas.

Pinterest Cons: If you are a crafty person, you will love Pinterest. However, it is dangerous. You can go from clicking through bathroom mirror ideas to cakes-you-must-bake to dreamy knitting projects in seconds.

In addition, anyone can pin to Pinterest boards. A post that is ‘repinned’ several times may give the impression that the project is doable. In fact, if you’d like a good chuckle, do a Google search of  “Pinterest fails”.

Contrary to Pinterest, which can suck you into 3,000 craft ideas in five minutes, Houzz narrows the scope to decorating ideas. Like Pinterest, you can create an account, clip ideas, and save them to different folders.

Houzz Pros:

  • It is a wealth of specific design ideas. You never need to worry about fighting your attention span.
  • Houzz keeps an active and very useful blog with tips for getting things done.
  • You can find local professional on Houzz when you decide a project needs professional help.
  • You can find and buy products right on the site.

Houzz Cons:

Because the site produces ideas from all over the world, some of the styles you see on the site won’t work well here in Punta Gorda. Florida design styles are different. Floridians don’t need to find ways to keep the cold weather out. Add the word, ‘Florida’ to your search and you will often get better results.

The Andreae Group Virtual Tours

It may seem a little unorthodox to go touring homes when you are not looking to buy. Let’s face it, the best way to discover Florida style is to see what other Floridians are doing. That is the beauty of the virtual tour. You can see how your neighbor’s kitchen cabinets from the comfort of your own home.

Andreae Group Virtual Tours Pros:

  • See Southwest Florida Style. Instead, of sorting through dark-colored log cabins, you can check out what works in southwest Florida from your home in Michigan.
  • We update the tours regularly. Every new listing gets its own tour. You could spend hours searching through local kitchens, bathrooms, and great rooms.
  • Experience what your southwest Florida home could be. The tours are all real homes. Therefore, you know everything in them is a possibility for your next project.

Andreae Group Virtual Tours Cons:

The listings often don’t last long. When you see something you like, take a screenshot of it, because it might not be there tomorrow.

What is your favorite website for decorating ideas?




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