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5 Secrets Snowbirds Don’t Know about Punta Gorda Summers—(But would Love)

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

summerEver wondered what goes on in Punta Gorda during the summer?

Do people really melt in the Florida sun?

Does golf still happen without you?

If you split your time between our lovely little town and some far off northern land, Punta Gorda summers evoke a bevy of mysteries. Today, I’ll take an in-depth look at what really goes on down here after Memorial Day. Hold on to your sun visors, you are about to learn the truth.

It gets hot, but not as hot as you think.

I blame Orlando for misleading you on this one. You know that horrid heat you associate with Florida summers? That is in Orlando. Summer in Orlando hurts. Maybe you remember standing in line at Disney wondering if your shoes would melt into the pavement. You never have to worry about that in Punta Gorda.

Punta Gorda is the ‘Fat Point’ that sticks out into the harbor. Water surrounds us and sends us cool breezes. To ensure that Punta Gordians never get too hot, Mother Nature gives us afternoon showers.

We have the best rain.

Northern rain is cold and miserable and lasts for days. Not our rain. We have fantastic rain. Every summer evening when the temperature starts to creep up to unbearable numbers, clouds cover the sky. A Punta Gorda newbie might fear the dark, ominous clouds overhead. Year-rounders know the rain comes to cool us off, and it will be on to the next town in an hour or so. Sure, every year-round resident has raced the dark clouds in their rear view mirror down 41, but you rarely see anyone carrying an umbrella.

Our raindrops fall at exactly the right temperature—cool enough to relieve some of the heat, but warm enough that they never leave you shivering.

Search the world, you will never find better rain than in a Punta Gorda summer.

Summer and winter are pretty much the same thing—except more people wear shorts.

Your first winter in Punta Gorda you may have noticed that you dressed differently than some of your neighbors. On your morning walks, you might have run into a neighbor donning her heaviest winter cardigan while you were dressed in your new winter shorts. For Pete’s sake, you thought, “It’s 60 degrees out!” “Exactly,” she thought.

In the winter, shorts are strictly afternoon wear. In the summer, we sport them all day.

We swim more in the summer.

The pool water stays warmer in the summer. And it is more fun to jump in the water while fishing when the water is warm.  We would probably swim more, but we have to squeeze it in between golf and tennis and boating. (Yes, sadly, golf does go on without you here, but we miss your swing!)

It’s not a ghost town in the summer.

Many people stay here year round—and love it. Yes, there is a bit less hustle and bustle. Of course, if you enjoy long lines at the grocery store or honking traffic, Punta Gorda may never satisfy you.

Every year we see more folks  settling here year round. Somebody else must be spilling our summer secrets.

Did I miss any? If you are already up north, what do you wonder about Punta Gorda summers? And year-rounders, what is favorite thing about Punta Gorda summers?