Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte Board of Realtor Stats

They say that statistics can paint any picture, any color depending on the interpretation.  I will do some of my own hypothesizing of the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte/North Port Board of Realtors statistics released last week.  

There are some interesting numbers.  For example, within the Board covered area, there have been 2,030 single family home sales through August 31st.  This is way off of the totals for 2005 but is 230 more sales than at the same date in 2008.  More sales are better than fewer sales because it means that more buyers are taking the plunge and hopefully, inventory is being reduced.

Some other interesting parts of the data:

  • 2,030 single family home sales through August 2009 (better than last year)
  •  Only 5 of those 2,030 were at sale prices higher than $700,000 (not good for sellers asking high dollars)
  • 211 of the sales were between the small sale price range of $100-$119,999 (no wonder the median price for our area has dropped so dramatically)

This data is for a wide geographic area so PGI/BSI only make up a fraction of the data.  However, sometimes it is good to look at the stats for the entire area.   View the PG-PG-NP August 2009 Stats here.

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